From Data to Insights in Seconds.

Conduct richer ad hoc analysis — faster and all on your own. Take control of your process with a familiar user experience. But this isn’t your typical workbench. You’ll analyze trillions of rows of data with query performance you’ve never seen before.



Connect and load fully granular datasets to create a high-resolution view of your business. Drag-and-drop flat files and Excel workbooks, import large data formats over FTP, or directly access cloud-connected databases and SaaS platforms.



Quickly understand the size and shape of your data, and then prepare it for analysis. Automatically detect outliers, conduct one-click data profiling, and blend new data into any analysis — on the fly. And with powerful preparation functions, you can filter and transform your data in just a few clicks.


Pivot and visualize trillions of rows of data in the blink of an eye to explore your business landscape from all angles. Create custom, powerful calculations, or choose from our library of 400+ pre-built functions. At every step, you can iterate, inspect, edit, or undo any analysis, with the option to work in our visual workspace or in code.


Work within your own private workspace or invite your entire team to collaborate on all or parts of your analysis. You’ll all have the ability to review your work in our groundbreaking interactive timeline — clearly displaying how every analysis was built. When you want to export, choose from outputs from Excel to Tableau and beyond.