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DSCVR is a spreadsheet-style, timeline-driven, ad hoc analytics tool that brings you from big data to smart insights in seconds. Test hypotheses. Explore alternatives. Generate new ideas. Provide answers. All at the speed of thought. All on your own.

Spreadsheets Falling Short of Your Analytics Needs?

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We’re Changing the Way Companies Make Decisions

DSCVR is the world’s only self-service no code/low code analytics workbench that can prepare, interactively explore, and collaboratively share fully-granular ad hoc insights from billions of rows of data via multiple sources through a familiar and enhanced spreadsheet-style user interface.

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Be the analyst with all the answers.

Built by business analysts for business analysts. DSCVR supports the full analytics journey — empowering the high-definition enterprise that can anticipate and respond to change.

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Be the analyst who knows no limits.

Free yourself — don’t let spreadsheets limit you, conventional analytics products derail you, IT requests, or coding hamper you.

Explore. Experiment. Uncover. Contribute.